Call for tender: Development and delivery of a Safeguarding training tool

We are seeking a Consultant, with a proven background in developing training materials/tools on safeguarding, child protection and prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (“PSEAH”).
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A.   Background:

Womankind Worldwide is a global women's rights organisation working in partnership with women's rights movements and organisations to transform the lives of women and girls. We strengthen and support women's movements in our focus countries in Africa and Asia, and take collective action at regional and global levels, to ensure women's voices are heard, their rights are realised, and their lives are free from violence.

Womankind is in the inception phase of a new 5-year multi-partner, multi-country, policy and advocacy programme - Advancing Women's Engagement: Strengthening Opportunities to Mobilise for Equality (AWESOME). AWESOME is funded by the Netherlands government under Power of Women funding framework and will focus on strengthening women's movements in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda to be more representative of diverse groups of women, including women with disabilities, resulting in a stronger collective voice to challenge social norms and influence policies and key decisions affecting them.

The AWESOME programme focuses on two themes including Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) and Women's Participation and Leadership (WPL) including political leadership. It works at three levels: self- to provide safe spaces for Women's Rights Organisations (WROs) including those led by women with disabilities, activists and young women to come together to increase collaboration and solidarity; society - to ensure greater willingness and support to challenge harmful gender norms and attitudes; and formal institutions - to improve the policy and legal framework for the realisation of women's rights.

We will implement the AWESOME programme as a consortium of seven organisations including Womankind as the lead organisation. Partners implementing the project in the three focus countries are:

•           Ethiopia: Siiqqee Women's Development Association (SWDA)

•           Ethiopia: Ethiopian Women with Disabilities National Association (EWDNA)

•           Kenya: Federation of Women Lawyers, Kenya (FIDA-Kenya)

•           Kenya: Women Challenged to Challenge (WCC)

•           Uganda: Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE)

•           Uganda: National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda (NUWODU)

We are seeking a Consultant, with a proven background in developing training materials/tools on safeguarding, child protection and prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (“PSEAH”), to design and deliver a comprehensive safeguarding package to all consortium partners as part of our programme inception phase.

B.    Scope:

This assignment is to develop a training package for Womankind programme staff, programme partners and selected stakeholders with responsibility for developing and implementing safeguarding policies and procedures within their organisation. We want to focus on both safeguarding leads and any staff member or associate who will be working with individuals involved in programme activities. We want to raise awareness of safeguarding and reporting mechanisms, with particular attention to PSEAH. The training package should cover the following aspects:

  • What is safeguarding? An explanation of what safeguarding means in general and then in the context of the women’s rights and disability rights movements in UK and in East African countries we work in, the programme, and why it is important
  • Key safeguarding standards in these sectors and their application to our context
  • The types of abuse incorporated by the term safeguarding and key aspects arising:

o   Outline who is abused and those at greater risk

o   The gendered nature of abuse & power differentials (also between staff & individuals involved in programme activities)

o   The behaviour of programme staff that targeted individuals should expect (referencing code of conduct & international regulations)

o   How victims and survivors are affected and respond; and the pressures on them

o   The barriers survivors may face & how programme staff should help overcome such barriers

  • The available mechanisms for prevention, reporting, response and learning approach in safeguarding
  • How to conduct a safeguarding risk assessment – within an individual, programme and organisational context
  • The process of reviewing safeguarding policies and procedures for an organisation to identify gaps and steps to address these, including how to support programme partners and contractors to improve safeguarding in programmes
  • Contribute to an organisational culture that is supportive of safeguarding in line with feminist values and principles
  • Share best practices in the sector of practising a culture of zero tolerance to sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment in organisations and in programme implementation.

C.   Objectives

The objectives of this training package are:

  • A shared understanding of Safeguarding and all associated aspects in the operating context of both the programme and individual organisations
  • A shared programme approach to tackling safeguarding risk, prevention, reporting, response and learning
  • Training tools are appropriate, inclusive and relevant, with consideration of contexts of countries AWESOME is operating in
  • Training tools explain how staff and people in our target groups of all ages and abilities can raise concerns and convey expected standards of behaviour of programme staff with reference to relevant the policies and procedures of AWESOME partners.
  • Training materials are inclusive, accessible and easily understood by speakers of other languages and physical disabilities.

D.   Approach                                                                                                     

Womankind anticipates that the development of the training package will involve a multi-disciplinary team and approaches. The evaluation should prioritise participatory, African and intersectional feminist approaches and meaningful engagement with our staff, trustees, partners, and wider stakeholders as necessary. Engagement should include:

  • Desk review of documents and policies that are relevant to the training package development, including those belonging to Womankind and our partners, to identify gaps and points of action to follow up.
  • Literature review of existing relevant minimum standards to ensure the deliverables meet minimum standards and additional supporting documents.
  • Meetings with key AWESOME programme staff and partners as required – with as minimum, a set up meeting, a review meeting and a final meeting.
  • Consultation during production with relevant Womankind staff to ensure that all materials and tools are fully approved by Womankind, before they are finalized.

 E. Deliverables:

The training package should consist of a minimum of:

  • A PowerPoint presentation for staff, delivered by an experienced trainer.
  • The PowerPoint presentation should be developed in such a way that it could be converted into a web-based tool for refresher and induction purposes
  • Relevant handouts to accompany the PowerPoint
  • Practical resources that can be used to raise awareness such as posters, call cards and leaflets.
  • All training materials should appropriately reflect and reference Womankind’s Safeguarding and other relevant policies and be in a form that can be delivered online given the working context being imposed as a result of Covid-19.

Materials should be delivered in English but fully accessible, both for those with English as a second language and also for those with audio / visual impairments.

F.    Suggested Timeframe

 Deadline for proposal submission                                    11th March     

Interview                                                                               w/c 15th March

Proposal selection and decision communicated        19th March

Initial meeting                                                                    w/c 22nd March

Draft training package received                                               5th April

Feedback on training package                                                12th April

Training package finalised                                                w/c 19th April

Training delivered                                                                 w/c 26th April 

G.   Requirements of your Proposal

Interested consultants should submit a proposal to Womankind that covers the following aspects. These aspects will comprise the criteria against which proposals will be assessed:

  • Demonstrate your understanding of the terms of reference and any amendments, if any, you would propose.
  • A concise draft methodology demonstrating your overall approach.
  • Demonstrate your ability to deliver training flexibly and effectively considering countries we work in and Covid era context.  
  • A detailed CV demonstrating relevant skills and expertise, supported by relevant references.
  • A draft work plan including an indicative timetable detailing key tasks.
  • A draft budget. It is anticipated that the budget will not exceed £5,000, including VAT.
  • An example of similar work demonstrating capability with respect to this ToR. (To be reviewed in confidence).

D.  Data and Documents to be provided

1.     Womankind Safeguarding policy and procedures

2.     Womankind Code of Conduct

3.     Womankind Complaints Handling procedures

4.     AWESOME

Please direct any questions to Katy Wright (, AWESOME Programme Manager at Womankind by 4th March 2021.

Proposals should be submitted to Katy Wright (, AWESOME Programme Manager at Womankind by 11th March 2021.

Notification of evaluation of proposals: 19th March.

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Perks & Benefits

Other than the rewarding work we do working with partner organisations to improve the lives of women and girls, there are other perks and benefits of working Womankind too. Some of them are listed here...

  • Pension

    We offer a generous pension contribution to all staff, whether temporary or permanent.

  • Flexible Working

    We understand that modern life is hectic, and not always as easy as the standard 9 - 5. We can offer flexible working patterns and day/s worked from home depending on the needs of the organisation. We also offer 5 days of paid dependency leave per year.

  • Development

    Womankind strongly encourage development in their staff. We hold quarterly in-weeks which are 2 days of training for all staff in areas that have been identified as needed skills. We also encourage staff to attend training throughout the year in areas they wish to develop.

  • Summer and Christmas Party

    While our Summer and Christmas parties might not be huge galas at the Ritz, we do make sure we celebrate our successes twice a year, and get together as a team to reward ourselves and socialise outside of the working environment.

Workplace & Culture

Here at Womankind, we are continually trying to adapt, evolve and improve our workplace and culture to the needs and desires of the team. We have an organisational culture committee who meet once a month, and everyone is encouraged to attend. Here we discuss ideas on how to build upon our workplace culture and the working environment. Over the last few years, a lot of work has been done to improve cross team working, community building and social events. We have annual Summer and Christmas parties, regular team lunches and weekly cake and tea gathering. We must admit, the eating cake and drinking tea is a fairly large part of day to day life at Womankind, so be prepared to gain the 'Womankind stone' if you become part of the team. You're never far from a slice.

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